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Want to save the most time, or to hit your fitness & nutrition goals? With our weekly Curated Packages – you’ll get surprised with a curated set of meals that changes each week. With the Chef’s Choice package you can specify your plant-based preference and any preferred diet (keto, paleo, higher-protein, etc.) or with the Custom Curated package you can make sure to get exactly what you want by specifying granular preferences and even creating a list of preferred meals! Regardless, you can always add-on your favorites individually too!

Know exactly what you want, or need to hyper-tailor your meals to specific allergens or nutrition needs? Simply select those individual meals (ready-to-eat) or a la carte items (prepared and individually packaged ingredients). 

Healthy | Delicious | Convenient


Largest Variety in San Diego

Pit & Seed partners with local chefs and restaurants to bring more variety! It takes just a few minutes to pick your meals, the food gets prepared by the experts in each cuisine, and you save time with dishes, shopping, and cooking.

With our weekly meal prep, one week can be healthy meals from just the Pitted Seed menu, and the next can add in some delicious Greek cuisine – or even select meals from across all the menus and get them all delivered together!

Half of our menus are wellness-optimized – primarily organic ingredients, only good cooking oils (i.e. avocado, olive, etc), and nutrition information provided. Across all menus, easily filter for the meals you need: allergens, diets, etc.

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Reusable containers and sustainably produced apparel!


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Choose a one-time order each week or ‘subscribe and save‘ to get a 5% discount (easily pause your subscription or update your selections at any point).

Delivery gets cheaper at $35, $70, and $100!

Let us know when you want your meals – deliveries are available on both Sundays and Wednesdays to keep your fridge stocked with fresh and delicious meals!

Pit and Seed Delivery

Sustainability - built in!

Want to decrease your carbon footprint by 30 percent, without going out of your way at all? We don’t use a bunch of single-use plastic and/or cardboard, like most meal prep services. All packaging is reusable, and thoroughly sanitized between uses. By working within local communities and doing batch weekly deliveries, emissions from deliveries are also cut down on! We’re proud to be an Ocean Friendly Restaurant, and to work with the Surfrider Foundation and other great local partners to help drive sustainability in both business practices and consumers’ lives.

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