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Food orders must be in by 10pm Thursday for the following week. This gives our meal makers plenty of time to get it just right!

While checking out, you’ll select either a ‘beginning of the week’ delivery or an ‘end of the week’ delivery. So if you’d like two deliveries per week, you’ll need to place two orders.

If you place your order right now, these are the delivery days you can expect based on the items currently in your cart (please refresh the page if the cart has been updated since the page first loaded)…

Beginning of the week:

Sun, Oct-01-2023

End of the week:

Thu, Oct-05-2023

Please note that convenience fees and bulk discounts will be applied based on whatever is being paid for today. For instance, if you’re checking out for a couple one-time meals and a few subscribed meals, the fees and discounts will only be based on the one-time meals. When your subscription processes, we’ll make any corrections to ensure accuracy.

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