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Select your meals online

The first step is choosing your meals

You can either select individual meals, a la carte items, Bulk Plans (5-10% discounts), or Curated Packages (we pick a new set of meals each week) – or any combination of those! The Pitted Seed menu is our healthy in-house menu, and you can avoid Convenience Fees by adding meals worth $50+ from the Pitted Seed menu.

You can checkout either as a one-time purchase or as a subscription (save 5%)!


Sun/Mon & Th deliveries

You’ll select whether you want ‘beginning of the week’ or ‘end of the week’ delivery. If you choose ‘beginning of the week’ then your delivery day will be Sunday if your order only includes items from the Pitted Seed menu, or Monday if it includes any items from our partner restaurants. All deliveries are targeted for arrival between 1pm and 5pm.

Your order will be left as per your delivery instructions (or just on your doorstep. Meals are delivered in insulated bags with frozen ice packs, but should of course be put in the refrigerator upon delivery.


Update for next week

You can update your membership or meal selections at any point, but selections do need to be finalized by 10pm Thursday for the upcoming week – whatever is configured in your account at that time will be processed, paid for, and prepared. If no changes were made to a subscription, then your order will repeat week after week. We have a fair amount of customers who find what they love and stick with it, as well as those that are adventurous and like to mix it up! In addition to changing meals week to week, you can pause your meals at any point, and then resume whenever you want.


Simple container return

Please give your containers a thorough rinse (at least!) after enjoying any meal (we’ll do another deep clean), and place all containers and ice packs inside the same bag they were delivered in. On your next delivery day, just place the bag in the same place where our drivers initially dropped off your order and we’ll pick up the used packaging when we drop off the next week’s order. If you pause your orders, or are not ordering week after week, just coordinate a container return. Please note our policies regarding fees for missing or damaged packaging items, as highlighted in our terms and conditions.

Last but not least, membership is entirely optional, but is of course recommended!

If you aren’t convinced we’re the right program for you (or just don’t plan to order frequently), then you’ll just pay a small $4 delivery fee per order. This fee covers both delivery and our reusable packaging program.

Once you’ve realized how amazing the food is and have felt the warm and fuzzies from participating in such a sustainable program, stepping up to the Premium Membership ($9 /mo) for free delivery (and more) is super easy!

Just like with meals, you can pause your membership at any point.

Frequently Asked Questions

The straight-forward answer here is that if you’re likely to order at least twice per month, then you should probably get the Premium Membership. If you’re going to order 3+ times per week, then you should definitely get the membership, and save up to 37% per month on delivery fees (plus get some extra perks)!

Of course! All updates can be made on your account >  Subscriptions > select your subscription. To pause your membership, select that subscription, and then select ‘Pause’ (to reactivate, follow the same steps and select ‘Reactivate’) – your membership will remain active until the end of the current period ends, and will not automatically renew. 

Pit & Seed partners with local restaurants and local chefs to offer their menus to you in weekly meal prep formats. When ordered from them, your food is prepared in these experts’ permitted facilities, with resuable packaging and delivery offered by Pit & Seed. The Pitted Seed menus, on the other hand, are the in-house menus provided by Pit & Seed that are health and sustainability focused and prepared in our own facilities. In some cases, Pit & Seed partners with local food service companies to take care of the final preparation steps of their offerings in our own facilities as well, and will indicate as much in their menu descriptions.

We recommend eating any meals within 4 days of their delivery.

Check out the Bulk Plans for up to 10% discounts! Otherwise, subscribe and save 5% OR do both for 15% off!

Our general delivery window is between 1pm and 5pm on delivery days. Sunday is the delivery day for ‘beginning of the week orders that only contain meals/items from the Pitted Seed menus, and Monday is the day if any partner meals are included. All ‘end of the week’ deliveries go out on Thursday.

Our membership and delivery fees cover both the costs of delivery, as well as maintaining our reusable packaging. Disposable packaging is easier and less costly for food service companies to work with, because there is no maintenance involved. We’re happy to do the extra work to keep our planet healthy, but do need to cover the costs! The convenience fee only applies when orders don’t meet a minimum subtotal for Pitted Seed meals. We have industry-low commission rates for our partner restaurants, and we’re able to subsidize those costs by either charging Convenience Fees or ensuring a minimum Pitted Seed subtotal. We’re very transparent about these costs, and we’ll never add any additional/hidden/crazy ‘service fees’ in like most local restaurant delivery apps do.

Reach out to us, and if possible we will accommodate your circumstances.

Delivery instructions and coordination with drivers should prevent this. Please be sure to give clear delivery instructions in your order notes. In the event that there are any issues, our relationships with members mean the world to us – please reach out right away if anything goes wrong.

You can request service for your location by filling out this form. We’ll do our best to get you covered ASAP!


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