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No matter which meal plan you choose, you’ll be able to customize it to fit your needs (usually in as little as 1 minute)! You can also choose between a one-time order (container return still required) or a subscription (save 5%). Easy meal prep has never been easier. So… how do you want to order?

Curated Weekly Packages

Make it easy and select one of our weekly curated packages as your meal plan, and we’ll whip up something new for you each week – no effort on your part! The prices change each week based on included meals, and generally average out to about $12 per serving.

Chef's Choice

The perfect blend of meals to keep you healthy and satisfy your cravings!

New Mama

You have enough on your metaphoric plate, we'll handle your literal plate.

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Weekly curated packages based on nutrition goals: Build Muscle, Burn Fat

Chef's Choice

The perfect blend of meals to keep you healthy & satisfy all your cravings!

Build Muscle

High in protein with plenty of carbs/fats - but the heavy lifting is still on you!

Burn Fat

Low carbs, high protein, & plenty of healthy fats - burn fat & enjoy food!

New Mama

You have enough on your 'plate' - we'll fill your literal plate with the goods!

Build Your Own Custom Meal Plan

Get exactly what you want by selecting the specific meals or ingredients that you want each week! Priced per item, with bigger discounts for more meals. Check out our nutrition portal if you’d like help fine-tuning your diet!

Prepared Meals

Meals are ready-to-eat, except for sauces and fickle ingredients on the side. Just mix/reheat (if applicable), and eat!

Meal Prep Kit

Create your own masterpiece by selecting the exact ingredients you want, each prepared and packaged separately!

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