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Meal Prep

It takes just a couple minutes to pick your meals from local chefs and restaurants, and they’re conveniently delivered to your home in sustainable packaging! Below is a look at all items and packages, but also feel free to browse all meals directly!

Orders for the following week need to be placed by 10pm Thursday, and that’s roughly when any subscriptions will finalize/renew. At checkout, you’ll choose either ‘beginning of the week’ or ‘end of the week’ deliveries. If your order contains any meals from our restaurant partners, then your ‘beginning of the week’ delivery will go out on Monday (otherwise Sunday). All ‘end of the week’ deliveries go out on Thursday. After enjoying your meals, give the reusable containers a thorough rinsing, and just leave them out on your porch on your next delivery day (or coordinate a return otherwise). Check out How It Works for more details.

  • If you want the most convenient food delivery service in San Diego, then Curated Packages are our least-effort meal plans
  • If you particularly care about health, wellness, or sustainability then you may want to stick to our in-house Pitted Seed menu that features fresh, natural, and organic ingredients – and all dishes can be made plant-based!
  • If you have specific nutrition needs/goals then check out our nutrition portal, or consider trying one of our nutrition-oriented Curated Packages
  • If you want to maximize savings, then go for free shipping over $75 (or with a premium membership), a 5% discount for orders over $100, and a 10% discount for orders over $150 (up to $20)!
  • If you want to pick exactly what you want, then just browse the individual meals and a la carte items across all of our menus, and add what you want to your cart!

Everything is priced per-item, even our Curated Packages. So how can you get the best deal?!

  • Regardless of what meals or plans you checkout with, you’ll have the option to purchase them as a one-time purchase or by subscription (5% discount is automatically applied and convenience fees are waived)!
  • If you have specific nutrition needs/goals then check out our nutrition portal, or consider trying one of our nutrition-oriented Curated Packages
  • Buy more and save more! Get a 5% discount for orders over $100, and a 10% discount for orders over $150 (up to $20)!
  • Premium members get their delivery fees waived, and also get 20% off on meals at our farmers markets!

We don’t ever want you to be surprised by fees, so this is what you should expect.

  • Delivery Fees are $4 per order, but are waived for premium members ($9 per month) and for orders of $75+
  • Packaging replacement fees will be charged if containers/bags are damaged or are not returned
  • Orders will be subject to a Convenience Fee that is between $1-4, unless either of the following conditions are met:
    • A subtotal from Pitted Seed meals that’s $50+
    • An overall subtotal that’s $100+

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Curated Packages

A new set of meals each week to surprise you, tailored just to fit your needs – the most convenient way to order

Chef's Choice

A collection of some of the most popular meals of the moment, selected from across our menus!


High protein, healthy fats, and balanced carbs - all meals are wellness-optimized, with the occasional protein snack to complement!

Custom Curated

The perfect balance between convenience and control - you give your preferences and we'll surprise you with meals each week!

(Individual Meals)

Healthy fusion meals made with organic ingredients. Our in-house menu is a favorite to both plant-based eaters and meat-lovers alike!

(A La Carte)

Healthy and mostly organic ingredients from our in-house menu  – fully prepared and separately packaged, so you can create your own masterpiece!

(Individual Meals)

Traditional Greek meals from Gyrogrill that are delicious and ready-to-eat

(Individual Meals)

Curries, fried rices, noodle dishes, and more Thai meals from Spices Thai Cafe that are delicious and ready-to-eat

Gourmet family-style dishes, and delicious prepared meals. Organic, and wellness-optimized.

Traditional Argentinian empanadas, as well as some fresh takes! Meat, veggie, and vegan options – all delicious.

Organic, non-pasteurized, no preservatives. Just delicious and healthy juice!


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