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Hundreds of meals to choose from – you can pick or we’ll pick based on your preferences!

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We’ve picked our partners because we love both their food and teams. You will too!

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great impact

Divert 1+ pound from the landfill per week with our reusable containers

Check out How It Works for the full story.

  • Sunday-delivered (or split delivery) subscriptions need to be u by updated by 10pm Thursday and Wednesday-delivered subscriptions need to be updated by 10pm Sunday.
  • One-time orders get to select their delivery date from the given options on this page (or on the Cart page)
  • After enjoying your meals, give the reusable containers a thorough rinsing, and just leave them out on your porch on your next delivery day (or coordinate a return otherwise).
  • The Chef’s Choice curated package is the quickest way to order, and you’ll get meals each week that fit your preferences without needing to spend the time choosing meals
  • A Custom Curated package is specifically tailored to your interests, with your continuous feedback shaping your menu – it’s the best balance of convenience and tailoring to your preferences
  • If selecting individual meals, there’s a ton to choose from! We recommend using filters to narrow it down (i.e. wellness-optimized for organic and health-forward, wallet-pleaser for affordability, and prepared meals / a la carte items based on your preference)
  • You can always order a curated package AND select meals individually in the same order!

Everything is priced per-item, even our Curated Packages. So how can you get the best deal?!

  • Regardless of what meals or plans you checkout with (except Custom Curated, which is subscription-only), you’ll have the option to purchase them as a one-time purchase or by subscription (5% discount is automatically applied and convenience fees are waived)!
  • Premium members get their delivery fees waived for orders over $35, and discounted fees if their order is under $35

We don’t ever want you to be surprised by fees, so this is what you should expect.

  • Delivery Fees are based on… 1) whether you have a premium membership  2) what delivery zone you live in  3) what your order subtotal is. Most of our non-premium members pay $3 per delivery. Click here for more details.
  • Packaging replacement fees will be charged if containers/bags are damaged or are not returned

When do you want your meals?

Meal prep only; if purchasing only merchandise, please disregard. Subscriptions will continue on the same day of the week specified in your selection here, unless you’ve opted for a split delivery between Sundays and Wednesdays, in which case it will begin on the next Sunday listed below.

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We have a ton of meals to choose from, so use the filters below to find exactly what you’re looking for across all of our menus – these are just a few of our favorites!

Wellness optimized – primarily organic ingredients, only good oils used (i.e. avocado, olive, etc.), and nutrition details provided

Wallet pleaser – full meal serving for $12 or less (items that cost more than $12 contain 2-3 servings)

Our Meal Makers





Plants & Animals



Dish Format

Diet Type


Serving Size

Meal Type

Dish Type

Serving Temperature

Please note that filters will show you meals that have variations with the characteristics you’re looking for. Customize each meal in ‘quick view’ or on the product page, and the dynamic description should list the applicable characteristics.

Fresh broccoli, cauliflower and shiitake sauteed and topped with a creamy garlic & ginger…



Oven roasted, herb seasoned fingerling potatoes.



Chicken thighs oven roasted with a tangy glaze of fresh figs, rich balsamic, dijon, and…



Jasmine rice with tomato, ginger, onion, coriander and chilis. Cooked until crispy around…



A bed of mixed greens (kale/spinach) with your choice of protein, veggie, and sauce.


Enjoy a healthy mix of some of our favorite made-to-order cold pressed juices!


Oven roasted brussels sprouts in our house made chili oil finished with freshly cooked…



Hearty and tangy salad. Choice of protein (tofu is recommended), kale/spinach mix, sprouts…


Your choice of side and veggie to complement our fan-favorite tempeh. 396-741 calories…


Looking for a green juice? This blend of cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, lemon, mint…


Carrot and orange blend together to provide a sweet citrus blend with a touch of zing from…


A bed of quinoa with your choice of protein, veggie, and sauce.


Oven roasted carrots with balsamic and fresh rosemary.



Santa Carota beef chuck roast slow cooked to tender perfection in a flavorful mushroom balsamic broth.



A garden fresh grain bowl, delicious hot or cold! Choice of grain and protein (quinoa and…


Need a little recharge? This gingery balanced green juice will activate your taste buds with…


Fresh flavorful mustard greens sautéed with garlic and lemon. Vegan. Gluten-free. 103…



A new take on a classic lime aid, with lime being joined by cucumber, green apple, grapes…



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