New Mama Meal Plan

How do you want us to prepare your package this week?

Regardless of your selections, you’ll get meals that will save you time and provide just the nutrients that your body and baby need! All of these meals are ‘wellness optimized’ – we avoid vegetable/seed oils and source local and organic ingredients!

The exact meals/sides will be a surprise (so if you have any allergies or are rather particular, then you’ll be better off with a Custom Meal Plan), but when you make selections below you’ll see an example of what that weekly package could look like. You’ll also be able to add on any additional meals or sides that you like, which you do get to select!

For the New Mama plan, you’ll get a macronutrient ratio in the general range of 20-30% fats, 30-40% carbs, and 25-40% protein, and it anticipates a daily diet of about 2,300 calories (that means a rough average per meal of about 775 calories, ~20 grams of fat, ~65 grams of carbs, and ~60 grams of protein). The majority of the meals selected in this plan also feature a particularly high content of specific vitamins and elements that the FDA recommends for pregnant and lactating women. Feel free to add meals/sides in addition to this to custom-tailor your diet to your specific needs.

Check out our nutrition and menu pages to learn more about our weekly packages and the Pitted Seed prepared meals and ingredients

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