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  • Your Meal Plan

  • You already know how it works at a high level, now for the fun part – building your own custom meal plan! No need for a construction hat, but here’s a few things you should know.

    1. You’ll create your account as part of the checkout process, and can easily update or pause/resume meals on any given week in your account portal.
    2. Below you’ll start by selecting which menu you want to order from this week. Some people switch cuisines each week, but we recommend you try Mix-and-Match and get meals from multiple restaurants all in a single delivery!
    3. After you select the menu, you’ll select your specific meals – the more you select, the bigger the discount!
    4. Choose if you want any add-on meals or sides, then checkout!

    Questions? Call 619-914-2674

  • Your Meal Plan

  • Questions? Call 619-914-2674

    Currently Serving

    We’re currently providing healthy meals from Pitted Seed (salads, rice bowls, and noodle bowls), delicious and generously sized Italian Food from Maxi’s Luncheonette (pizzas, pastas, and more), and traditional Greek fare from Gyrogrill in most San Diego neighborhoods. More partner restaurants and neighborhoods coming soon, to make Pit & Seed’s affordable meal prep in San Diego even better!

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