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Healthy and delicious fusion, with sustainable plant-based ingredient options and full support in getting exactly what you want.

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The Pitted Seed menu is designed to make eating healthy as easy and enjoyable as possible. And it is! Check out the respective Prepared Meal and A La Carte pages to get some overall nutrition insights for the Pitted Seed menu (identify allergens, nail down your macros, etc.). From there you can also access individual ingredient pages, where you can see their specific nutrition facts, or if you’re a premium member then you can dig into the detailed nutrition information on that page! If you have any additional questions, we have additional answers! Just reach out. In the meantime, keep reading to get a quick refresher on the basics.


It’s not just about reusable packaging – although we are pretty psyched about that! It’s also about ethical sourcing and choosing foods with less environmental impact. The amount of emissions that result from production, water used in production, and other environmental impacts have been taken into consideration in our menu development. We’re proud of that, and by ordering our meals you should be too! 


We’ve reimagined what some of our favorite dishes could be, when accounting for nutritious and sustainable ingredients! That means some of our favorite guilty pleasures – burrito bowls, loco mocos, and more – are as healthy as can be, and as delicious as ever! You may already believe it, but we still think you should try it!


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