A La Carte

A la carte items are prepared and packaged separately – the best way to get exactly what you want!

What's On The Menu?

Meal Prep Kits are great – you get to select your favorite ingredients, and combine them into whatever dish you can dream up!

They’re ideal for people that:

  • Love to create masterpieces in the kitchen
  • Appreciate a head start that cuts down prep time by 80-99%
  • Have specific health and fitness goals

We recommend combining a base, a protein, a sauce, and as many ingredients/toppings as you can handle! Here’s a quick peak at our side dishes, and below you can dive into their nutritional information and more (photos, links to product pages, etc.).

Find your ideal meals, then…

Nutrition Details

Need to avoid specific allergens? Looking for plant-based ingredients?

Soba NoodlesBasesVeganNoNoNoYesNo
Brown RiceBasesVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Chia Seed PuddingBasesVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Beyond Meat (ground)ProteinsVeganNoNoYesNoNo
Roasted TofuProteinsVeganNoNoNoNoYes
Roasted TempehProteinsVeganNoNoNoNoYes
Roasted ChickenProteinsOmnivoreNoNoNoNoNo
Roasted SteakProteinsOmnivoreNoNoNoNoNo
Roasted Sweet PotatoesIngredientsVeganNoNoNoNoYes
Roasted MushroomsIngredientsVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Roasted ChickpeasIngredientsVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Bell PeppersIngredientsVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Grape TomatoesIngredientsVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Carrots (shredded)IngredientsVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Eggs (hard-boiled)IngredientsVegetarianNoYesNoNoNo
Vegan EggIngredientsVeganNoNoNoNoYes
Black BeansIngredientsVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Belief DressingSaucesVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Sweevory SauceSaucesVeganNoNoNoNoYes
It's-All GravySaucesVeganNoNoYesNoYes
Hipster SalsaSaucesVeganNoNoNoNoYes
Open SaucameSaucesVeganNoNoNoNoYes
Squeezed VinaigretteSaucesVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Berry Good VinaigretteSaucesVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Beelong DressingSaucesVegetarianNoNoNoNoNo
Bounty SauceSaucesVeganNoNoYesNoNo
Green OnionsToppingsVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Feta CheeseToppingsVegetarianYesNoNoNoNo
Vegan FetaToppingsVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Mexican Blend CheeseToppingsVegetarianYesNoNoNoNo
Vegan CheddarToppingsVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Vegan ParmesanToppingsVeganNoNoNoNoNo
Protein Bars (NuGo Slim 3-pack)SnacksVeganNoNoYesNoYes
Protein PowderSnacksVeganNoNoNoYesNo

Want to dig deeper?

Sign up for a premium membership to get full access to nutritional information – basic nutrients, macronutrients (and composition %), and more – in addition to free delivery and discounts on meals at farmers markets!


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