Fresh cold-pressed juice, delivered to your home – and when we say fresh, we mean that it isn’t made until you order it! All organic ingredients, without any preservatives – and sustainably packaged in reusable glass containers. All the health (a proudly wellness-optimized menu!), without sacrificing on taste! Find out why Cross Roots gets 4.5+ stars on Google!

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Enjoy a healthy mix of some of our favorite made-to-order cold pressed juices!

Looking for a green juice? This blend of cucumber, celery, spinach, parsley, lemon, mint…

Carrot and orange blend together to provide a sweet citrus blend with a touch of zing from…

Need a little recharge? This gingery balanced green juice will activate your taste buds with…

A new take on a classic lime aid, with lime being joined by cucumber, green apple, grapes…

Cleanse, detox, and feel great! Pick how many days you want to cleanse for, and for each day…

Sweet and spicy, this tropical blend of cucumber, jalapeño, mint, cucumber, and lime will…

A taste of Cross Roots bonsai shots! These shots are designed to balance your palate…

A sweet and earthy blend with some zing from the turmeric and lime, savory notes from…

The best offense is a good defense! This blend of highly effective immunity and vitality…

Low Glycemic blend of our favorite green juices. Your box will include a mix of…

This mix of cucumber, celery, fennel, parsley, lemon, and pear is equally enjoyable for green…


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