San Diego Meal Prep

Largest variety in San Diego.

Hundreds of meals to choose from – you can pick or we’ll pick based on your preferences!

All local &
small businesses

We’ve picked our partners because we love both their food and teams. You will too!

Great food,
great impact

Divert 1+ pound from the landfill per week with our reusable containers

Check out How It Works for the full story.

  • Orders for the following week need to be placed by 10pm Thursday (or subscriptions updated).
  • At checkout, you’ll choose either ‘beginning of the week’ or ‘end of the week’ ($2 discount!) deliveries – the cart and checkout pages specify the dates.
  • After enjoying your meals, give the reusable containers a thorough rinsing, and just leave them out on your porch on your next delivery day (or coordinate a return otherwise).
  • The Chef’s Choice curated package is the quickest way to order, and you’ll get meals each week that fit your preferences without needing to spend the time choosing meals
  • A Custom Curated package is specifically tailored to your interests, with your continuous feedback shaping your menu – again, without spending time choosing meals
  • If selecting individual meals, there’s a ton to choose from! We recommend using filters to narrow it down (i.e. wellness-optimized for organic and health-forward, wallet-pleaser for affordability, and prepared meals / a la carte items based on your preference)
  • You can always order a curated package AND select meals individually in the same order!

Everything is priced per-item, even our Curated Packages. So how can you get the best deal?!

  • Regardless of what meals or plans you checkout with (except Custom Curated, which is subscription-only), you’ll have the option to purchase them as a one-time purchase or by subscription (5% discount is automatically applied and convenience fees are waived)!
  • Buy more and save more! Get a 5% discount for orders over $100, and a 10% discount for orders over $150 (up to $20)!
  • Premium members get their delivery fees waived, and also get 20% off on meals at our farmers markets!
  • End of the week deliveries save $2!


We don’t ever want you to be surprised by fees, so this is what you should expect.

  • Delivery Fees are $4 per order, BUT are waived for premium members ($9 per month) and for orders of $75+
  • Packaging replacement fees will be charged if containers/bags are damaged or are not returned
  • Orders will be subject to a Convenience Fee that is between $1-4, unless either of the following conditions are met:
    • A subtotal from Pitted Seed meals that’s $50+
    • An overall subtotal that’s $100+

When do you want your meals?

Meal prep only; if purchasing only merchandise, please disregard. Subscriptions will continue on the same day of the week specified in your selection here, unless you’ve opted for a split delivery between Sundays and Wednesdays, in which case it will begin on the next Sunday listed below.

The next available delivery is on…

Following that, we’ll have…

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The quickest way to order! Make just a few selections, and BAM – a set of meals tailored just to your preferences, with just a few clicks!

Just tell us:

  • How many meals you want for your meal prep order
  • If you want organic meals (i.e. wellness-optimized)
  • If you prefer vegan meals, vegetarian meals, or if you’re an omnivore
  • If you have a dietary preference for keto meals, paleo meals, higher-protein meals, or just good food


Each week we’ll post which meals are included in the next week’s deliveries for these packages. You can do one-time orders or subscribe, and the 9-11 meal packages can be split between Sunday and Wednesday deliveries, if chosen.

The perfect balance between convenience and control! We’ll plan your surprise set of meals just before our prep begins, to ensure any updated preferences are accounted for. Things like…

  • How many meals you want for your meal prep order
  • Your dietary and food preferences (~10 questions)
  • ANY other guidance (i.e. 2 omnivores & 1 vegan, no bell peppers, etc.)
  • Easy updates for general preferences or just for the next week
  • Create a list of meals that you want us to choose from (or avoid)


Each week, your meals will be a pleasant surprise – but don’t worry, they’re specifically tailored to your preferences, or even selected from a list of meals you share with us! This package can only be subscribed to, and the 9-11 meal package can be split between Sunday and Wednesday deliveries, if chosen.

Or, just pick your meals!

Rotating Specials

Fast-healthy, wellness-optimized meals  from our in-house menu that rotate each week.

Traditional Greek meals from Gyrogrill that are delicious and ready-to-eat.

Featured item:

You know it and you love it. Tomatoes + cucumber + kalamata olives + onions + feta + spinach + tossed in lemon olive oil dressing + side of pita + side of tzatziki.


Curries, fried rices, noodle dishes, and more Thai meals from Spices Thai Cafe that are delicious and ready-to-eat

Featured item:

Thin rice noodles stir-fried in a tamarind base with eggs, bean sprouts, green onions, and crushed peanuts.

$17.30 – 22.50

Gourmet family-style  dishes, and delicious prepared meals. Organic, and wellness-optimized.

Featured item:

Build your own wellness-optimized (organic & other great ingredients) meal!


Organic, non-pasteurized, no preservatives. Just delicious and healthy juice!

Featured item:

A new take on a classic lime aid, with lime being joined by cucumber, green apple, grapes, and spinach in order to promote skin health, bone health, alkalizing, and hydrating.

$17.30 – 22.50
NamePositionOfficeAgeStart dateSalary
Tiger NixonSystem ArchitectEdinburgh612011-04-25$320,800
Garrett WintersAccountantTokyo632011-07-25$170,750
Ashton CoxJunior Technical AuthorSan Francisco662009-01-12$86,000
Cedric KellySenior Javascript DeveloperEdinburgh222012-03-29$433,060
NamePositionOfficeAgeStart dateSalary

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