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  • Wellness-optimized menus: organic ingredients cooked without vegetable / seed oils
  • Curated Packages designed for those with fitness goals and new / expecting mothers
  • Allergens and common dietary considerations clearly identified
  • Plenty of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals


  • Prepared, ready-to-eat meals
  • A la carte items – create your own masterpiece
  • Variety of cuisines – Greek, Thai, healthy, gourmet, and more!
  • Select individual meals or get a curated package


  • Home delivery or local pickup
  • Subscribe & save, or one-time order
  • Multiple restaurants – one order/delivery
  • Up to 2 deliveries per week
  • Simple return of reusable containers


Save 10+ hours per week across shopping and cooking

Nutritious & Delicious

Wellness-optimized Pitted Seed menu plus 3+ local restaurant partners


Cut your carbon footprint by up to 50% without making any changes

Eating healthy has never been easier

Especially if you’re looking for something specific. Find exactly that thing – the easy way, with all the perks!

How It Works


Select your meals online


Sun/Mon & Th deliveries


Update for next week


Simple container return

The Menu

The Pitted Seed menu is our in-house menu where we’ve taken some of our favorite dishes, and redesigned them to support health and sustainability without any sacrifice when it comes to taste!

When we say that these meals are wellness-optimized, we mean that they use organic and local ingredients that are healthy for you (we do NOT cook with vegetable/seed oils), and that have been sustainably sourced/produced.

If you have any specific requirements, the Pitted Seed menu makes it easy to stay in-line: check out our nutrition portal to identify allergens and macronutrients!

And finally, there are meals for everyone – each rice bowl, salad, or noodle bowl on the Pitted Seed menu can easily be made vegan!

"It’s so handy! I’d never get through prepping all that for myself on a weekend 😑 you’re really a life saver!!"

Amanda W
Orders Pitted Seed's Meal Prep Kits


Our partner restaurants are experts in their respective cuisine, but don’t take our word for it! Check out their reviews, or just see for yourself.

The following menus are currently available, with more coming soon:

  • Rich Thai dishes from Spices Thai Cafe
  • Traditional Greek dishes from Gyrogrill
  • More restaurant partners coming soon!


Meals from our partner restaurants get mixed into our Chef’s Choice weekly package, or are available in Bulk Plans or just individual meals. Get meals from all of them in the same order!

"Pit & Seed makes it so easy and affordable to eat healthy during the week! Between the sustainable packaging, different types of meals, and being able to update/pause orders - 10/10"
Kristen L
Orders Mix-and-Match across menus

As seen on...

  • Reusable packaging to reduce waste
  • Local deliveries & sustainable ingredients reduce emissions
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients preserve habitats


Built In

Have an impact without going out of your way – in fact, by simply ordering meals from Pit & Seed you’ll actually save time and money while helping the earth!

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