Reducing waste, one meal at a time!

Ordering meals from Pit & Seed doesn’t just mean delicious, convenient, and sustainable food for you. It means that you’re helping support our overall sustainability efforts, like bringing reusable containers to our local farmers markets and working with those local food vendors to cut down on packaging waste!

Huge shoutout to the La Jolla Open Aire Market and the following food vendors for doing a pilot program with us!

How does it work, you might ask? Super easy!

  • Visit the following participating vendors and let them know that you’ll be eating your food AT the market and you prefer reusable containers
  • OR, visit our booth on the south side of the building to pick up a container that you can then approach any vendor with (if they aren’t already working with us, feel free to suggest that they do!)
  • Eat your delicious food on-site, and then place the reusable containers in the labeled Container Return bins within the eating area or at our booth

Come down to the market between 9am-1pm every Sunday (except some holidays) to support these local vendors who are going above and beyond to cut down on waste! They’ll be there rain or shine, but for now we’ll be focusing on the shiny days 🙂

Vegan Mirai


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