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Tons of savings plus premium access to nutrition information!

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Free, instead of $4 per delivery – guaranteed savings when ordering 3+ times per month

20% Off Meals

Visit us at a farmers market (La Jolla on Sunday and Scripps Ranch on Thursday) and get 20% off your meals (2x per day)

Waived Fees

Order less than the regular minimums, without paying the convenience fee

Nutrition Portal

Get full access to our nutrition portal, so that you can pinpoint exactly what meals you or your clients should be ordering

So Easy

First month is free, and you can always pause your membership from your online account!

What Our Members Say!

"It’s so handy! I’d never get through prepping all that for myself on a weekend 😑 you’re really a life saver!!"

Amanda W
Orders Pitted Seed's Meal Prep Kits
"Pit & Seed makes it so easy and affordable to eat healthy during the week! Between the sustainable packaging, different types of meals, and being able to update/pause orders - 10/10"
Kristen L
Orders Pitted Seed's Prepared Meals

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