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Rotating Signature Salad




Currently featuring the fan-favorite Big Buddhy, with your choice of omnivore (chicken) or vegetarian (tofu)!

These items change weekly, so only add to a subscription if you’re okay with the changing variety. All items are from the Pitted Seed menu (browse items here), so are wellness-optimized (organic ingredients, only good cooking oils (olive and avocado), and nutrition information provided)!

The vegetarian option here may be vegan, if the dish does not include any cheeses, eggs, butter, or honey. If vegan dishes are a requirement for you and you still want our delicious Pitted Seed meals, make the appropriate selections on either the Chef’s Choice or Custom Curated packages and we’ll get you your plant-based fix (also more animal proteins available there as well on many weeks)!

Select your plant-based preference to see what’s on the menu for this and next week.


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