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Variety, convenience, and a perfectly tailored surprise menu each week – it’s as close as can be to having a private chef!

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Largest variety in San Diego.

Hundreds of meals to choose from – you can pick or we’ll pick based on your preferences!

All local &
small businesses

We’ve picked our partners because we love both their food and teams. You will too!

Great food,
great impact

Divert 1+ pound from the landfill per week with our reusable containers

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Meal prep couldn't be

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My trainer gave me a meal plan - I literally just passed it over to the Pit & Seed team, and they make it happen!

I input my allergies once when I signed up (which have made it hard working with other meal prep services), and I've never gotten a meal that contains any of them!

I added a bunch of meals I love to my wishlist, and now I always get meals I enjoy without even needing to do anything!

My family is half vegan - it amazes me how little work it is getting perfect meals for everyone with Pit & Seed!

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Create Your Meal Plan

A surprising selection of your favorites! You tell us what you like, and each week we’ll give you a surprise selection of meals that fit your preferences! It can be as simple as answering a few questions, or as specific as selecting the exact meals that you’d like us to primarily choose from. You can always make edits to fine-tune your menu, special requests for any given week, or just sit back and enjoy!

Specificity is great because you’ll get exactly what you want, but the smaller number of meals we have to choose from means the less variety you’ll get. If we’re concerned about the amount of variety available based on your preferences, we’ll let you know!

Want to make sure you like what you receive? Browse through all available meals and add meals to your wishlist (or create a new list) – we’ll base most meals on your list! If you don’t need quite so much control and are a bit adventurous, check out our Chef’s Choice packages.


  • This meal plan has an additional $5-8 management fee, in addition to the cost of the meals – that’s all you’ll pay at the initial checkout. That management fee is billed through the website, and we’ll issue a separate invoice each week and charge your card on file for the cost of the meals.
  • You will not know what meals you’re getting until they’re delivered, and then can give feedback after each week’s delivery – to be incorporated in future packages.
  • Meals have an average cost of ~$14, so the default 5 meal package will usually cost $65-80 per week, and the default 10 meal package will usually cost $130-160 per week.
  • You can opt to have your meals split between Sunday and Wednesday deliveries for optimal freshness! It just costs an extra $3 – or is free for premium members!

Join The Waitlist

The great news – the response to our customized meal prep service has been overwhelmingly positive!

The downside – in order to ensure great service, we’re limiting our new sign-ups for the service.

Just fill out the waitlist form below to get on the waitlist, and we’ll get in touch when a spot opens up!

In the meantime browse through all available meals which you can select individually, or check out our Chef’s Choice packages where you just answer a couple questions and can see what’s included each week in advance.


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    How To Order

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    A sample of our meals

    Your weekly deliveries will include meals from (but not limited to) this list!

    Signature Bowls

    Hearty and delicious, these healthy-fusion grain bowls and noodle bowls will fill you up with their organic goodness!

    Signature Salads

    Organic ingredients, and customized to just how you’d like them – these salads will get you your daily dose of leafy greens and veggies!

    Protein Plates

    Get your daily fix for protein – and you choose the two sides! Organic ingredients and quality proteins – straight forward meals at their best!

    Simple Bowls

    All priced at $13 or less, you choose the veggie, protein, and sauce!  Choose wisely – with great power comes great responsibility. Organic, affordable, and customized just how you like it!

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