200 disposable containers and
500 plastic bags

Just some of the waste that the average American contributes due to takeout services or packed lunches per year

Plastic Pollution

This one is pretty straight forward, but it also has its nuances. And you may think that those 'recyclable' or 'compostable' alternatives do the trick, but the sad truth is that they often find their way to the landfill too. Obviously, thrown out packaging fills our landfills, streets, and oceans with waste - endangering animals, soils/crops, and more. As its sitting there degrading, the emissions from this waste also impact our climate/atmosphere.

Hover to find out how we're tackling plastic pollution.

Bye Bye Disposables!

We tried recyclable and compostable, and it didn't feel good. We're proud to now be the only meal prep and meal delivery company in San Diego that offers entirely reusable packaging.

Delivery bags - insulated and reusable
Ice packs - super cold and reusable
Food containers - sturdy, microwaveable, and reusable
Labels - dissolvable and biodegradable

Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is an interesting and often overwhelming concept. When we're talking about food deliveries, we're talking about... The food that you order - yes, we're talking about cow farts (and other factors). How you get that food - was it shipped across country in a big truck? Delivered locally in a car that hasn't passed SMOG? And finally, even the method of ordering, because even websites/apps have an impact

Hover to find out how we're tackling carbon footprints

Carbon Footprint - Cut Down!

Our Pitted Seed menu has plant-based options for every meal, and we encourage it!

We partner with local restaurants and only deliver within our local communities, and we batch orders together in efficient routes - and with your continued support we'll build out an impressive all-electric fleet of vehicles!

We run as lean of a site as possible, and are always looking for ways to improve it more!

Carbon emissions of 6 million tons...

…estimated from food delivery services in 2022. Ordering just 1 meal for delivery could increase your weekly carbon emissions by up to 25%

The idea behind Pit & Seed...

We’ve done our best to create a service that allows anyone to cut down on pollution and their carbon footprint, without placing any extra burden on them to change their behaviors in inconvenient ways. But we also try to go above and beyond in other ways. Come visit us at one of our Farmers Markets, where you can enjoy any of the meals from our salad bar – but we’re not just there serving salads! We bring reusable dishware that we AND other food vendors at the market can use to serve dishes for guests who are eating on-site! And of course, we collect them and do the dishes.


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