Pit & Seed 2.0

Let’s play a bit of catch up here.. We’ll start at the beginning, and work our way to some of the changes coming in the next couple weeks. But first… we should have launched this blog a while ago, but now that we’re here we’ll continue to post updates moving forward – so stay tuned!

Our journey started with a straight-forward goal: to make it as easy and enjoyable for you to eat food that’s healthy for you and was sustainably produced. We opened Pitted Seed in the North Park neighborhood of San Diego, CA and called that home for a little over a year. The idea was to provide the atmosphere and community of a neighborhood location, and to complement it with the convenience/efficiency of an online/delivery offering. While we got the meal prep/delivery program off the ground while still at Pitted Seed, it really didn’t take off until we closed the doors there…

But ‘Pitted Seed’ lived on as our in-house menu! We chose some of our favorite meals to come along as we re-branded as Pit & Seed, we curated a menu with amazing meals from other local small businesses in order to provide the largest variety of meal prep in San Diego, and we sourced reusable containers to serve meals of every type in – becoming the only local & sustainable meal prep service in San Diego, or really anywhere for that matter! Over the past couple of years, we’ve grown our menu, our team, and tried a lot of new things. Some of them worked great, and others…

Which brings us to Pit & Seed 2.0! Although that is a bit deceiving, because most changes will be behind the scenes. Long story short – we’ve experimented, we’ve analyzed the data, and we’re implementing a series of product and menu updates that will streamline the experience for our customers and our team. In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting here about all features, menus, etc. that are still coming along for the ride.

Since some of you will be impacted by the changes, we want to let you know what to expect – we’ll also be reaching out individually to any customers whose subscriptions are significantly impacted, in order to help navigate the changes. We won’t lie, there are some changes that we’re less than thrilled about, but are the responsible decisions – namely, we’re significantly downsizing the Pitted Seed menu. Items that are impacted will make guest appearances as specials, and we intend to eventually bring them back full-time. That said, please note that this upcoming week is the last week of the current Pitted Seed menu, and the changes will come after this next Sunday’s delivery.



When it comes to our menus and meal delivery, you can expect these changes to roll out over the next week:

  • As mentioned, the Pitted Seed menu will be shrinking – although the fan favorites will remain available
  • Our partner menus will be growing, with new items coming from Deeply Nourished, Spices Thai Cafe, and even new partners! (yaaaay)
  • We recently implemented the ability to select your delivery day, between the upcoming Sunday and Thursday – we’ve gotten great feedback on this, and will continue this.
  • In recent weeks, we began a transition away from Sunday/Monday deliveries to only doing Sunday deliveries at the beginning of the week. We’re cementing that for the time being, and also beginning a transition away from Thursday, to Wednesday. So you can get meals on either Sunday, Wednesday, or both!
  • For the ‘Chef’s Choice’ and ‘Custom Curated’ packages, we’re introducing a ‘split meals across Sun/Wed deliveries’ option for the ‘9-11 meal’ size packages. This is free for premium members, and only an additional $3 otherwise
  • We’ll be simplifying the options for the Chef’s Choice package – you’ll now only select the number of meals you’d like, your plant-based preference, and if you got 9-11 meals you’ll indicate if you want to split the delivery. For all current customers that have indicated a preference for a keto, paleo, or high-protein diet – you’ll still be able to specify that if you switch to the Custom Curated package!
  • We’ve unfortunately paused all activities at the local farmers markets, but fully intend to restart our reusable plate program ASAP.


When it comes to fees, you can expect:

  • Updates to our container return fee structure, billing process, and a more timely (automated) communication protocol
  • We’d previously had a fixed delivery fee across all of San Diego (and for our Premium Membership, which grants free delivery) – we’re now putting tiers on both the delivery fee and Premium Membership, based on customer location.
  • We’d previously had both a convenience fee if a certain threshold hadn’t been met in the order, in addition to the delivery fee. Both of those fees could easily be waived by hitting the threshold, but we admit it wasn’t as straight-forward as it should be. That said – there’s now only a delivery fee, which is tiered based on order size.
  • Our subscription discount remains at 5%, but we’ll unfortunately be removing bulk discounts – we’ve also removed the option to subscribe on a bi-weekly basis.


As part of this change, we will be including more of our partners’ meals in our curated packages, and it’s well-worth noting (and appreciating!!) how much each of them has stepped up to help make this transition possible.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be uploading ‘how-to’ videos for common workflows on the site. For each video, we’ll do a post here about it, and most of them will also find their way to the How It Works page.

As always, your feedback and continued support is so appreciated! Don’t hesitate to reach out at any point – especially during this transition period.




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